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Crosby Kitchen Schedule

Dear Hockey Parents, 

On behalf of the Crosby Hockey Moms Board we would like to thank you for being a Hockey Parent!  We play a huge role in the success of our Hockey program.  Without our volunteer hours, we would not be able to offer affordable hockey.  Our kitchen is the biggest fundraiser for the Blue Line Club, without our financial contributions we wouldn’t exist.  So, thank you for all your support! 

You can find the monthly schedules below.  We cannot stress enough the importance of flexibility - DATES change!  Games are added, cancelled or rescheduled.  We have no control over this and we do not schedule the games we only cook the food!  So, there may be times when your shift is called in or cancelled.  We will try hard to keep the rotation equal but that is not a guarantee.  

If issues arise during the season please feel free to talk to your Kitchen Shift Team Leader.  If you cannot resolve any issues with your Kitchen Shift Team Leader please contact a Crosby Hockey Moms Board Member.  

Our Hockey program cannot do what it does without our kitchen.  It is vital that you show up for your kitchen shifts and if you cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find a sub.  Leaving your shift short-handed is difficult on the shift.  We are working on a current sub list, it will be posted in the kitchen at the rink.  If you are unable to make a shift and find a sub, please let your Kitchen Shift Team Leader know who will be subbing for you. 

We plan to have another successful and productive Hockey season!  Have a great year and we will see ya in the KITCHEN! 

Hockey Moms Board

Hockey Moms Board Members

President:           Amanda Sundberg
Vice President:   Tammy Knudson
Secretary:           Rachele Krebsbach
Treasurer:           Heather Svangstu
Board Member:   Lindy Nygaard
Board Member:   Morgan Ames 


Monthly Kitchen Chairs

November:    Rachele Krebsbach
December:    Jennifer Johnson 
January:       Melissa Rindel
February:     Shelbey Jacobson 
March:          Rachele Krebsbach


Kitchen Shift Team Leader


Team 1:  Ashley Rindel
Team 2:  Carissa Smith
Team 3:  Stephanie Reistad
Team 4:  Morgan Ames

Team 5:  Tammy Knudson
Team 6:  Lindy Nygaard
Team 7:  Shana Haugenoe
Team 8:  Lee Svangstu
Team 9:  Amanda Sundberg